I’m Ready To Serve Our City

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 27, 2018

Contact Gabriella Hoffman, gabriella@billingslyforlynchburg.com

Albert Billingsly Announces Run For Lynchburg City Council

Lynchburg,Va. — Mr. Albert Billingsly issued the following statement today regarding his decision to seek an at-large seat on the Lynchburg City Council for the May Election.

“After several months of discussing the idea of a run for Lynchburg City Council with friends, family, and members of the community who have expressed their desire to see me represent them on the council in order to express and champion solutions for their concerns, I have decided that I will run to represent the cause of fiscal responsibility, expanded opportunity, and the transparency in our local government the citizens of Lynchburg desire.”

“I will be seeking the Republican endorsement later this month in order to maximize the potential for conservative solutions to the challenges ahead of us. I am still firm in my conviction to represent not just one segment of Lynchburg, but every citizen from every walk of life that makes the character of this great city. I know I can work with progressives and independents alike to find common sense solutions and provide the sensible and level headed leadership I have carried throughout my time as a small business owner, member of the local school board, and the various other organizations I have had the honor of being part of.”

“I have been called to serve by grassroots activists representing a broad coalition of concerned tax payers, and with their help and those that join our cause during the campaign trail we can move forward with our mission to let Lynchburg lead the way in innovation and prosperity so we may become a model city for the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

Albert Billingsly is an Independent candidate for Lynchburg City Council. Find his campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can learn more at his website www.billingslyforlynchburg.com.


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