Press Release: Councilman Turner Perrow Endorses Billingsly


Lynchburg,Va. — Turner Perrow, who serves Ward 4 of Lynchburg City Council, has announced his support for Albert Billingsly’s campaign for Lynchburg City Council.

Perrow said, “Al and I worked together on the Heritage High School Task Force.  Working together, I saw and appreciated how his business experienced influenced the Task Force and the recommendations made. This is the type of experience we need on City Council, and I heartily endorse Al’s campaign.”

“The City is facing a difficult time,” he added. “Revenues are flat and our expenses are increasing. We need Al’s business experience and acumen on the Council.  With Al’s tenure on the school board, he already understands government financing, and he will quickly come up to speed on City matters.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve with Al; he is exactly what this council needs.”

Albert Billingsly is an Independent candidate for Lynchburg City Council. Find his campaign on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. You can learn more at his website


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