Billingsly Speaks To Lynchburg Tea Party About Transparency Stance

Lynchburg, Va- On Thursday, March 1st, Al visited the monthly Lynchburg Tea Party meeting to collect signatures as well as meet some of the newer members and other liberty minded activists in the group.

The Tea Party was nice enough to allow Al to speak about himself and his campaign for a few minutes, during which he spent a moment to discuss something the other members had been discussing all night- social media, transparency, and messaging.

Al told the members his plan to release a statement within 24 hours of a vote on city matters across all his social media platforms in order to allow Lynchburg tax payers an insight into his rational. Members of the group responded happily, since it isn’t very often elected officials explain in public their justifications for their support or disapproval of matters of public policy.

Al also pointed to his online and social media engagement and strategy, which is currently the most diverse and sophisticated among the other candidates running in the race in order to reach out to those who get a majority of their news and information online, and younger voters who are more up to date with social media trends.

The Billingsly campaign looks forward to a continuing and open friendship with the Lynchburg Tea Party and we thank them for their time to let Albert speak and collect signatures so he may appear on the May 1st ballot and become your next Lynchburg City Councilman.

Remso W. Martinez is the campaign manager for the Billingsly for Lynchburg Committee

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