Let’s Choose A Shout Instead Of An Echo

Friends, Neighbors, and Voters,

Tomorrow is election day in Lynchburg and honestly, I’m looking forward to sleeping in on Wednesday after all is said and done. I’m proud of the race my team and I ran. I’m proud of my opponents who have been friendly and professional during this process as well. What really lightens me up is seeing all of the citizens of our city who have taken a real deep interest in this upcoming election, since it seems city races just often go ignored. All in all, we left nothing off the table and held our heads high during this run.

Tomorrow you will have a choice to make, a choice that will impact our city for generations to come.

We have a massive debt which will one day come knocking on our door.

Our poverty rate has increased like a plague while new industries and better paying jobs avoid us.

We are spending tax payer money on projects and subsidizing businesses in a way that is truly offensive to the working people of our city.

Lynchburg is at its heart a small town wanting to turn into a big city, but we already have big city problems.

I raised a family here, started a business here, and have served this community in numerous capacities for over three decades. I didn’t choose to run because I wanted to be a politician, I chose to run because this is an opportunity to fight the potential wave of challenges that will hit us, a wave I am prepared to work with everyone and serve and lead to stand against.

Please, grab a friend and head to the polls today and choose a shout, not an echo of the policies we tried over and over again in the past and have gotten us to where we are now.

Let Lynchburg Lead,

Albert Billingsly

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