Prioritizing Our City

Lynchburg is a city with massive economic potential thanks to the friendly college town environment, our rich history, and the entrepreneurial spirit that keeps the city moving. It is vital to re-evaluate our existing taxes and spending habits, along with finding solutions to bring down the financial hardships on businesses and homeowners while providing enough revenue to bring down our city’s debt. Al will bring his experience as a small business owner to the table to address the concerns of those that make our city what it is.

Listen to my interview with WLNI about the Meals Tax and other wasteful programs.

The Business of Lynchburg is Business

Our city government has too much on its plate for the challenges it faces. Taking responsibility over certain areas of the local market such as tourism is costly and unnecessary as a government function. We should return this responsibility to those that understand tourism best- our business community and leaders that make Lynchburg what it is.

Democratization of Information

As your next councilman, I will commit to post my votes and my rationale behind them across all my social media within 24 hours. You as a tax payer deserve to understand the decisions that we as representatives make on behalf of our city, and I know that building a bridge between the office I will hold and the city we love will help advance transparency, communication, and trust.

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