Do you want to help make a difference in your local community and government? Here are some of the areas where we can use your help! Click here and let us know what you can do and what days and times you are available.

-Knock On Doors in your neighborhood to help pass out material and discuss the campaign with local voters.

-Host an event, BBQ, or party at your home and invite your friends and neighbors so they can meet Al and get to know his vision for our city.

-Put yard signs up so you can show your neighbors you want to let Lynchburg lead.

-Attend events and help us collect emails, pass out materials, and operate campaign tables so we can recruit more volunteers and donors.

-Write letters to the editor so we can earn media in order to spread our message of fiscal responsibility, free enterprise, and accountability.

-Become a precinct captain and help lead volunteer activities in your neighborhood.

-Be an election aide and help out at voting locations and run errands on election day as we get out the vote.